In this day and age of being ecologically responsible, we are all looking for ways to recycle, upcycle and reuse products to eliminate trash being added into our environment. Our soy wax is biodegradable and cleans up easily with just soap and water. Our 15 ounce Made in the USA, apothecary jars with lids are a great addition,(once cleaned and sterilized) for storage of everyday household items.
So here’s the breakdown: Once the candle is at 1/4″ wax remaining, you can carefully pour warm water into the jar to soak the candle wax. If the water is warm enough it will start the process of dissolving the soy wax, leaving you with the wick tabs. A gentle scrape with a spoon should remove the wick tabs and any remaining residue from the stickers can be gently scraped as well. Then wash the jar and lid in soapy warm water to sanitize and then dry. Your jar is ready for use!

Here are a few ideas:
Spice storage
Sewing notion storage
Small terrariums
Showcase jar of collected shells, rocks, and other treasures
Bathroom counter storage for cotton balls, guest soaps etc.
Storage for wax melts
Candy jars
Nail/Screw storage for garage
Office supply storage for desk; staples, paper clips, thumbtacks etc. 

What ideas do you have for reusing your candle jar?  Post in the comments below!

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