*Tobacco & Honey Soy Candle in Bumble Bee Mason Jar

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This is always a customer favorite scent and is now available in a special edition Honeybee Mason Jar!
Our warm, nostalgic scented Tobacco & Honey candle will spice up any room and makes a great gift.
We hand pour 12 oz (of premium scented soy wax into 16 oz mason jars and add a scrap of black and white gingham fabric to the lid for a charming aesthetic.
The scent is as our customers say, “nostalgic” and “lush” with notes of amber, vanilla bean, tobacco leaf, caramel and fragrant honey.
Our products are made in the USA in Asheville, NC and we source our supplies from other American based companies.
We are proud to be recognized on USA products only for our efforts.

Each jar stands approximately 5 inches H and is approximately 2.75 inches wide. These are clear glass pint jars with silver-colored lids and rims.
Once the candle burns down, you can reuse the jar and it is dishwasher safe! We appreciate sustainability.

Please be safe when burning any candles and remember to Keep out of reach of children and pets, keep away from flammable items and burn within site.

At Misty Mountain Soy Candles, we make candles we feel good about, so you can too! Thanks for supporting small businesses!

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