So you’ve received your Misty Mountain Soy Candle and you want to know how to prolong it’s life? Here are some simple steps to take to ensure you get the most use out of your premium candle.

1) Before using your candle, trim the wicks to 1/4 inch, every time. This will ensure that your candle will burn evenly and safely. Doing so will rid the wicks of soot debris and allow the candle to burn evenly by helping center the wicks each time. This helps to prevent tunneling or uneven burns that could potentially shatter jars.

2) After trimming the wicks, ensure that your candle is away from pets, children, flammable objects, drafts and is on a flat surface.
Now for the important part: For the first usage burn the candle for 4 hours to establish a melt pool. This will help the candle last longer by reducing tunneling in the future. After that initial use, you can choose anytime to light your candle as long as it is under 4 hours. Optimally for best use, you want to burn the candle 1hr for every 1inch of diameter. Our apothecary jars are 4 inches in diameter, so 4 hours is optimal usage.

3) Be aware of any debris from matches or soot from the wick falling into the melt pool. These items can be potential hazards.

4) Please wait at least 2 hours after extinguishing the flame to relight. This will give the soy wax time to adjust and prevent tunneling. You may notice an uneven texture after burning your soy candle. The rough, bumpy tops after burning a soy wax candle are caused when the hot wax in the melt pool cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate. This is a feature of all-natural soy wax, and in no way affects the performance of your candle. We do not use additives in our soy wax, we use 100% all natural soy wax. Please relax and enjoy your richly scented candle!

5) Store your candle when it’s not in use with it’s lid on to prevent dust and other debris from gathering inside.
For best results, store in a cool area.

6) Once your candle has only 1/4 inch of wax remaining, you can clean out the soy wax and reuse the storage vessel.
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Thanks and enjoy!

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